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The Charity for Friendship programme was outlined during the collaboration between the Embassy of Hungary in Morocco, the Parents’ House Foundation and TIBU Maroc. We are very pleased that we were able to bring the idea to life within a short period of time and that within a few weeks of planning the first auction was held, with the organisation of the next event in progress.
On our webpage you can follow the charity auctions of Charity for Friendship and read our reports about past events.
We hope that our initiative will open up possibilities for many children to travel, learn about other cultures, and make new friendships.


Miklós Tromler


Embassy of Hungary in Morocco

Judit Regős


Parents’ House Foundation

Mohamed Amine Zariat


TIBU Maroc

Charity for Friendship Programme!


“Charity for Friendship Between Cultures” is a charitable auction programme which artists, athletes, and service providers involved in an area connected with Hungarian culture, arts, and traditions can join as sponsors.
Sponsors, together with their works and memorabilia are entered into an auction album created by the Parents’ House Foundation. Auctions are held at Hungarian embassies abroad, attended by their partners (diplomats, businessmen, public figures, etc.).
The proceeds of the auction are used by a local civil organisation examined and recommended by the Parents’ House Foundation and the embassy, for organising one-week exchange programmes aimed at children and youngsters, which are developed as a result of the collaboration between the organisations.

The Parents’ House Foundation started organising the Charity for Friendship programme in early January 2020. Since the start of organisation the Foundation already held a successful auction on 24 January 2020, which was arranged by Sipos Winery and sponsored by the Budapest Bar Association.

Charity auction in Morocco

The first pilot charity auction programme will take place in Morocco in April 2020. The auction will be organised by the Embassy of Hungary in Morocco, at the venue of its choice. The proceeds of the auction will be used to finance youth exchange programmes within the framework of the “Charity for Friendship Between Cultures” programme.
The programme will be implemented by TIBU Maroc on behalf of Morocco and the Parents’ House Foundation on behalf of Hungary.

A Charity for Friendship jótékonysági aukció fővédnöke: Tromler Miklós nagykövet, Magyarország Nagykövetsége, Marokkó
Díszvendég: őexc. Karima Kabbaj nagykövet, Marokkói Királyság Nagykövetsége, Budapest
Házigazda: Mohamed Amine Zariat elnök, TIBU Maroc és Kemény Dénes alapító, Regős Judit elnök, Szülők Háza Alapítvány