Parents’ House Foundation


The Parents’ House Foundation was established by Dénes Kemény in 2015, with the aim of the foundation carrying on in an organised form the principles and goals of the Parents’ House movement, which had been running since 2007. The Foundation provides support to children living in State care and disadvantaged families. Its primary objective is to promote the integration of those in need, thus also strengthening the acceptance of minorities by the majority society. At the Parents’ House Foundation we strive to give hope and opportunities to those born into difficult circumstances, improve their life situation and chances, and cultivate a more accepting and understanding attitude among the majority society.

The programmes of the Parents’ House Foundation


The programmes of the Parents’ House Foundation are in line with child welfare support provided by local governments, various Hungarian and EU grants, and the CSR programmes of the business world. At the centre professionals – family therapists, psychologists, educators – assist parents, but often the parental community itself can provide a solution to a family.
The family assistance programmes of the Parents’ House Foundation provide help to many families in need, whom the programme can help efficiently by turning them into “healthy families” through special skills development-, sports-, arts-, and community programmes.
The target audience of our “Tegyél jót!” (Do good!) programme are children living in care homes. There are hundreds of care homes in Hungary, where thousands of children are growing up in state care, under difficult circumstances. Under this programme we provide regular attention and care for these children through our volunteers, thus the goal of the programme is to bring families who wish to help together with children in state care on a regular basis, with professional support from the foundation.

You can find detailed information about our foundation and current programmes on our website: